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Business Development

Whether you have never done business in the UK or you are a veteran of this market, we can help you grow your business further.

Our decades of experience in management consulting, our industry expertise, our presence in London, our media power, and our unrivalled network within the Italian-language business community in London make us the ideal partner to assist you in entering the UK market or further develop your presence.

We can provide:

– Assistance in creating a UK Limited company and establishing a legal entity in a short time

– Support in Setting up Operations, including identification of locations in London, research of key providers and personnel

– Development of an effective Online Presence, including creation and management of websites and social media accounts 

– Analysis of Strategic Options to successfully enter the market, with recommended approach

Development of a UK-focused Marketing Plan, including identification of target market/ list of prospects, key competitors, recommended product, price, distribution and communication strategy

– Identification of new Revenue Opportunities through the research of flagship clients, business partners, strategic alliances

– Creation of a healthy Sales Pipeline with qualified opportunities

– On-site strategic and Organisational Support for promotional events and other marketing activities in London

– Research of Financial Investors 

– Highly qualified Networking Opportunities with the business/financial community in London/UK and relevant industry bodies and public organisations. 

– Regular Insights and Intelligence Services on the developments of the UK market, and the potential impacts on your business

Why getting our help?

The UK is a rich and fascinating market but it’s also very difficult and highly competitive.

Having a great product, even a unique product, it’s not enough. The British consumer is sophisticated, demanding, and used to a certain level of service and attention.  Buying criteria are different from what we see in Italy and other countries.

Customers are extraordinarily open to new ideas and products, and are never afraid to try a new brand, but are also very quick in dismissing it if it doesn’t satisfy them. Price elasticity can be incredibly high or low, depending on the product and the segment.

Understanding customer requirement is essential. Innovation is key. Communication plays a major role. eCommerce is a must. National and local Governments offer huge support to new companies.

These are just some of the evidences we have collected after more than 10 years of business activity in this country.

We have also seen several Italian companies arrive in London with great fanfare and a questionable plan, splash a lot of money in the wrong place, get good media coverage in Italy (but not in the UK…), and ultimately fail to get tractions with British clients and shut down operations within a couple of years. A lost opportunity.

We don’t have a golden recipe and can’t guarantee that your business will be successful, but we understand how business is done in the UK and what are the driver for success. We can certainly help you avoid costly mistakes and rather start with the right focus, giving you the best possible tools and advices, and working with you to develop your revenues and your brand.