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Advertising on Londra Italia

Promoting your company or product to our loyal audience is easy and can be done in a variety of ways. See below the range of promotional activities that we offer on our leading website, our engaging social media channels and our popular weekly newsletter. 

Promotional Article

An original article written to your brief by our team, with the editorial style that our readers love.

The brand or product is presented in an engaging way, using storytelling techniques and journalistic approach, with the same look & feel of our editorial articles

Can include photos, hyperlinks, social media handles and embedded video content according to your requirement

Distributed on our social media channels  and included in our weekly newsletter

Social media post

Broadcast your message directly to our social media following with a post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
Engage with an active community that consumes our news on a daily base
Gain valuable insights on the sentiment towards your brand and products by analyzing comments


Arrive directly in our readers’ mailbox via our popular weekly email newsletter
Database of 5,400 active email address (May 2020), growing daily
Highly performing comparing to industry average:
• Open rate: 43% (vs 18%)
• Click rate: 17% (vs 3%)
Present your product inside our weekly newsletter or through an entirely dedicated one

Display Advertising

Banners carefully positioned inside and around news
Various positions and formats available (IAB standards)
Sold on CPM (Cost per Mille = cost per thousands impressions) or on a fixed time basis
Can be bought on their own or added to an advertorial bundle for extra visibility


Also called “skin” or “background advertising” it’s a highly visible format by which the advertising frames the webpage.

Usually adopted for a specific period of time (1-2 weeks).

Particularly effective for branding campaigns and event/product launches.

Sponsored Column

A regular column on a category related to the sponsor’s business
Written by our editorial team, open to contribution from sponsor
Article presented as “supported by”, with company description, logo and link to sponsor’s website
An effective way of promoting a brand by associating it to content highly relevant to its target
Categories available for sponsorship include Financial Services, Real Estate, Health, Education, Travel/Tourism, Food, Lifestyle, Technology and more

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We offer different type of advertising services, from traditional banners to promotional articles.

We will help you pick and choose the most effective services and create for your company a unique bundle of sponsored content. This bundle can include articles, video content, social media posts, inclusion in our email newsletter and display advertising.


This depends on the bundle of services you are interested to buy and the length of your contract. Some clients use us for one-off promotion while other have year-long contracts and spread our services though a longer period of time.

We don’t publish our list price but we can send you very quickly a tailored quotation if you tell us what you are interested in.

Contact us to start a discussion.

No, we do not accept guest posts or unsolicited content on Londraitalia. All our articles are written by our editorial team.


No, we don’t. Advertising means commercial, paid-for promotions, and is our main source of revenue. If you are just looking to get your event or your product featured for free on, or if you have a story for us, you can email our Editorial Team at