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Business Intelligence

Some say that data is the “new oil”. Respectfully, we disagree.

Surely, we live in the era of “big data”, we are surrounded by data and bombarded by numbers, but are we smarter for that? Not necessarily.

Data is essential, but it does not generate new knowledge unless it’s smartly analysed and interpreted. We believe that only a combination of data, business acumen, analytical skills and smart IT tools can generate the type of knowledge that allow companies to excel and gain sustainable competitive advantage.

Thanks to our London-based media activity, our work in academia, our extensive network and the use of innovative search engines we have access to a wealth of information on the UK market that is either unpublished or off-the-radar. More importantly, with our knowledge of the market and of your business, we can digest and analyse this information and transform it in useful, actionable intelligence for your company.

If you are interested in the Italian community in the UK you will be able to access more than 5 years of analytics of our website, getting invaluable insights on what our readers think, like, read, buy, what phones they use, where do they live and more.

Through the analysis of Londra Italia’s social media pages and website activity we constantly assess the most relevant topics and the sentiment of our audience, using both quantitative and qualitative data. We often run surveys with our readers and are at the receiving end of a number of sources of quality data.

Our strong background in University research, IT, media and management consulting gives us the ability to extract meaning from all this data. We use data to generate strategic recommendation and provide regular insights to our clients, be it on an ongoing basis or with custom reports on specific topics. 

Ask us how we could do that for you.